Lancelot Blondeel in the studio
Born in 1988, France
Currently living & working in Vincennes, France

Solo Show
2023 | Aux Tables | Paris, France

Collective Shows
2024 | Galerie 12, rue des Beaux-Arts | Paris, France
          | Salon d'automne | Paris, France
2023 | Salon des Artistes du Val-de-Marne (137th edition), Villa Médicis | Saint-Maur, France
          | Galerie Francis Barlier | Paris 8th, France
2022 | "True Form" - Virtual Artists | London, United Kingdom

2023/4 | Initiation à l'histoire de l'art - École du Louvre | Paris, France
2021 | Contemporary Art Trends, lectures by Jonathan Anderson (online) - Biola University | CA, USA
2007/13 | ECE Paris, Graduate school of Engineering | Paris, France

Personal itinerary

"How to exist in the world?" This age-old question is probably as old as humanity itself. It was during adolescence that this strange questioning settled within him; at that moment, he witnessed a certain tension between the "self" and the external world. This feeling was exacerbated by high school philosophy classes, which offered more visions and concepts than he could imagine, resulting in a certain detachment from reality and the emergence of a dichotomy between the perception of things and their own substance. How do our senses mediate reality? Can we trust ourselves? Is our consciousness an appropriate "tool" for a thorough understanding of the external world?

These vague sentiments continued to accompany him throughout his engineering studies. However, the study of science offered him a welcome respite in its ability to explain natural phenomena through reason.

Then, through chance readings, he discovered the work of philosopher Clément Rosset, "Le Réel et son Double" which precisely addressed the torment that had troubled him for so many years. He felt reassured to see the affliction finally named and even theorized... It was at this moment that he realized that it was this question of the relationship between humans and reality that fully animated him.

Around the same time, he visited a retrospective exhibition dedicated to the Franco-Chinese painter Zao Wou-Ki. On that occasion, he experienced a profound aesthetic feeling, difficult to describe, similar to the fleeting opening of a breach to another reality. It was this experience that pushed him to experiment with painting for the first time.

He started by working on cardboard and stretched canvases. He found concentrated dyes, including a blue of such intensity that he worked exclusively with that color for the following six months. Being a thorough engineer, he sought to understand all the steps; today, he works only with raw materials such as canvas (cotton or linen), mediums, additives (pigments, texture agents), and varnishes. He practices washes, glazes, collage, and explores volume manipulation techniques.

Lancelot Blondeel is in search of a particular aesthetic that engages in a dialogue between texture and form. In terms of method, he alternates between exploratory phases and long-term work. Spontaneity opens up new fields while deepening values the latest discoveries...


Lancelot Blondeel's second exhibition this year is held at Galerie 12, rue des Beaux-Arts in Paris, this show allowed him to be exhibited alongside renowned artists like Hans Hartung, Sol Lewitt, Georges Mathieu and Henri Michaux—a testament to the convergence of past and future in his artistic research.