Lancelot Blondeel in the studio
Born in 1988, France
Currently living & working in Vincennes, France

Collective Shows
2024 | [Upcoming > Jan. 17 / 21] - Salon d'automne | Paris, France
2023 | Salon des Artistes du Val-de-Marne (137th edition), Villa Médicis | Saint-Maur, France
2023 | The Art Cycle - Arts et Métiers | Paris 11th, France
2023 | Galerie Francis Barlier | Paris 8th, France
2022 | "True Form" - Virtual Artists | London, United Kingdom

2023/4 | Initiation à l'histoire de l'art - École du Louvre | Paris, France
2021 | Contemporary Art Trends, lectures by Jonathan Anderson (online) - Biola University | CA, USA
2007 | 2013 - ECE Paris, Graduate school of Engineering | Paris, France


It was on the eve of his thirtieth birthday, during a retrospective in Paris, that Lancelot Blondeel encountered the works of the Franco-Chinese painter Zao Wou-Ki. This encounter proved to be a profound aesthetic revelation, compelling him to deviate from his career as an engineer. Just a few weeks after visiting the exhibition, Lancelot Blondeel, then serving as IT manager of a small company, began to paint on various surfaces. Liberated from any academic formalism, Lancelot Blondeel experimented, later developed his own tools, and eventually honed his unique technique over the course of a few years.

The artist has been exhibiting in galleries and art salons since then.

His primary focus as an artist centers on the intricate relationship between the individual and reality.

To achieve this, he explores scientific themes, particularly the physics of the infinitely large and the infinitely small, from astrophysics to particle physics. Lancelot Blondeel specifically investigates the sometimes conflicting relationship between theory and reality, as well as the interplay of concepts and experiences.

Another area of interest for the artist lies in the subjective mechanisms of perception, addressing questions such as, "How does the human mind bridge gaps in perception?" or " How does our subjectivity unveil our true selves?" These topics are particularly explored in the series "Interlaced Landscapes."

Lancelot Blondeel predominantly works in series, each series is associated with an abstract idea born out of moments of astonishment, questioning or fascination. Each painting serves as an opportunity for him to delve deeper into the given theme he explores.

[Upcoming Show > 17-21 Jan. 2024]Salon d’automne | Paris, France