Lancelot Blondeel in the studio


Born in 1988 | France
Currently living & working in Vincennes, France
ECE Paris, Graduate school of Engineering - 2007 / 2013

Collective Expositions
2022 - True Form - Virtual Artists | London, United Kingdom

Artist Statement

Before being an artistic approach, my thinking is similar to a metaphysics. The source of my reasoning can be summarized by the following leitmotiv: "What is reality?". This question is systematically found in my creations and research.

The tool that I use and which constitutes an ally for a number of years is philosophy. I use philosophy like a prism: to characterize the world, to build my own reading grid.

This imperative of exploring reality holds a central place in my personal “world-view”; unfortunately, among many of my contemporaries, this questioning seems to be reduced to minimum. My approach would thus consist in awakening this questioning present in each one of us and in shedding the necessary light to it. Answering this question and trying to address it seems to make us grow in humanity.

Remembering this questioning of reality, I answer by evoking three (large) complementary groups: aesthetics, science and philosophy. My wish is to make these three notions participate as much as possible inside an artwork, these three great fields of study nourishing each other.

Additional aspect of my approach, I work with series. Each series is associated with an abstract idea. This idea takes its source in a wonder, a questioning, a fascination...

In coherence with the type of painting that I practice, the goal of each artwork is the embodiment of this idea or concept; each painting being the occasion to dig deeper into the chosen thematic.